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Chief Marketing Officer

FTSE-250 Financial Services Organisation

The Brief

Identify and attract a professional with significant experience in fast moving, consumer facing organisations in the financial services sector.

Our client was about to embark on a period of major transformation and needed to appoint an individual capable of driving significant people, process and culture change at all levels of the marketing department. The client is based in a challenging location and the brand had a negative marketplace reputation, so this, in addition to the very specific job description, limited the pool of exceptional individuals who would be open to this role.

The Process

Our specialist team of Research Consultants thoroughly mapped out the market to identify every possible candidate.

This culminated in a target list comprising every possible Chief Marketing Officer and Marketing Director from an extensive list of organisations in Financial Services and Insurance. We also generated recommendations and referrals from our senior network of contacts to ensure we were able to access the very best talent for our client's requirements. Extensive referencing was conducted pre-shortlist to ensure we were able to meet the FCA requirements of the role and to ensure we were able to provide clear recommendations to our client about this key board appointment.

The Result

Fortune Hill secured the first choice individual despite an exceptionally aggressive counter offer and significant challenges relating to the location.

The successful candidate has since delivered tremendous value to our client's business and has been credited with having played an integral role in the successful transformation of their business.

Defining success

We have a very simple measure of success – that our Partners appoint the very best possible Leader for any given role. We love watching the performance of a business, and the lives of people, improve as a result.