Join Our Team

Join Our Team

We are always looking for talented, inquisitive, diverse and ambitious people to join our team.

We hold 5 Core Beliefs at Fortune Hill – If you share these beliefs, we’d love to hear from you about joining our growing business.

  • We believe that Leadership Search is hugely valuable. History proves that the difference one extraordinary leader can make should never be underestimated. It also proves that people rarely change the world alone. We are people experts, obsessed by chemistry, culture and human performance. The Leader who we appoint can make a huge impact on our clients, not only by impacting a business’ performance, but also the experience and happiness of thousands of colleagues
  • We believe in the blend of Art and Science in Leadership Search. Data drives our decisions and recommendations. We fully embrace science to assess the fit between individual and organisation. We also practice the art of listening and building empathy to understand the nuances of both the organisations and the individuals we work with
  • We believe in exploring the path less travelled. A shared sense of urgency and commitment permeates through our team. We invest more time than anyone else and think creatively to explore every possible avenue to find the best person. We are dogs without bones, and we love the chase.
  • We believe in the power of a compelling story, well told. We bring organisations and opportunities to life in an inspirational way. Enthusiasm drips from everything we do. We’re excited and privileged to represent only those ambitious organisations that cherish their people and customers
  • We take our responsibility incredibly seriously; we just don’t take ourselves too seriously. We love what we do. We think this an intellectually stimulating and thoroughly enjoyable way to make a living. And we think it one of the most potent ways to help an organisation achieve its ambitions/objectives. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing a friend of Fortune Hill thrive in their role, powering their organisation to thrive too.

Develop your career in Executive Search

We’re looking for driven professionals who want to move their careers forwards at pace whilst doing work of the highest quality. We encourage curiosity, growth and most importantly, fun.

We have nurtured a supportive, innovative and rewarding culture. Joining Fortune Hill is joining a family as much as it is joining a business.

Contact us at to learn more about life here, opportunities to join us, and the rewards we can offer you